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Our experts find, interview, screen and present the best candidates for your consideration, and precisely as per your requirements.. Building a network of qualified professionals takes time, resources, vision, and a discerning eye. IVAC is the original source of recruitment excellence. We're very discerning; focusing on creating connections with highly looked for talent to secure those who will have long-term value in your organization. We provide candidates with their CV’s, passport copies as well a high quality video profile of their work.

We are well experienced in providing candidates for both Blue and white collar jobs.

Some of the areas in which we provide candidates for white collar jobs:

  •    Professional services
  •    Science and engineering jobs
  •    Administrative jobs
  •    Sales & Marketing jobs

Some of the categories in which we provide candidates for blue collar jobs:

  •    Cook for Hotels & Bakers
  •    Carpenter
  •    Cleaner
  •    Artisan
  •    AC Technician
  •    Building Demolition Worker
  •    Electrician
  •    Fisherman
  •    Fitter
  •    Heavy Duty Operator etc.