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US Immigration

Majorly situated in central North America, USA is the most desired destination for everyone who wishes to migrate for the betterment of life. Since ages the country has attracts people to settle down as the history of the country is of immigration and diversity.

More than 50 million people across the globe have settled in the country as the country accepts 700,000 people every year. US is known as s melting pot with diversified, multi-culturist because of the majority of immigrant population.

The state has its large size as well as variety of climates, variety of people, mixed economy. The country is having a strong economy to fight with all odds of economic slowdown. US is also known for its enthusiastic, workaholic as well as fun loving people.

US citizen and immigration services

Skilled worker VISA

It allows you to live & work permanently and legally in the United States.

Business VISA

USA is the most favourite destination for everyone who wishes to immigrate for a better quality of life for himself.

Family VISA

Allowing the US citizens to sponsor their family to join them in the US on temporary basis

Student VISA

The abroad education division of IVAC, has assisted hundreds of students to opt for higher studies.

Travel VISA

Travel Visa is available to visitors seeking short-term entry into the U.S

Green Card VISA

If you are planning to make the USA your permanent residence, you must first attain a US Green Card.